Thank you for your interest in Bridal Photo Albums Company. Bridal Photo Albums Company grew out of my love for handmade paper, my appreciation of art, and my desire to create a functional product of exceptional quality. For twenty years I have fine-tuned the art of designing and creating wedding photo albums, scrapbooks, guest books, and wedding invitations from handmade paper for my satisfied customers.
A business founded on respect
It was in the exotic city of Jaipur, India that I first spotted the soft, pure cotton handmade papers incorporated with flower petals, silk fibers, and metallic threads. I was so taken with the exceptional fine hand and subtle textures that I bought several varieties and quickly converted my home’s basement rooms into what became my workshop for creating the wedding photo albums, scrapbooks, guest books and invitations. I soon added refined handmade paper sources from Spain.The handmade, chemical free, cotton paper is from Barcelona, Spain. Cotton paper is a yearly, renewable plant, so no trees need to be cut. The garbage produced from this Barcelona Paper factory is almost zero. My new line of wedding jewelry incorporates fresh water pearls from pearl farms that have been declared environmentally friendly. The vintage beads and sequins are from Europe. These beads and sequins have been found in old factories that made them between 1920-1940. The iridescent paint is water-based acrylic making it better for the environment than oil paint.

You are my inspiration
With this in mind, I’ve applied the finest traditions of bookbinding and jewelry construction to achieve timeless wedding photo albums and wedding jewelry. The designs are fresh and modern yet rooted in tradition. The wide range of wedding photo albums and wedding jewelry styles allows each bride to express her personal taste. Each wedding photo album and wedding jewelry piece is a labor of love that has been carefully designed. My intention is to personalize your wedding.


These are special days in our lives that we want to treasure forever. Bridal Photo Albums Company’s archival quality wedding photo albums, scrapbooks and guest books will help you capture these important moments. Put simply, my mission is to help you preserve and remember the milestones in your life.